The Power of visualisation…

Monday, August 25th, 2014

I’m not sure if anyone uses visualisation exercises during prep, but I can tell you it works wonders! Thinking back to my first show I recall being back stage thinking how overwhelmed and nervous I was. Uncertainty, butterflies and nervousness really consumed me. It was like everything I’d learnt over the 16 weeks prep about posing and presentation had vanished. I would rush my time onstage just to get the feeling of freaking out over with. All I could think was, OMG this is really happening! As each show passed I slowly realised the value in visualisation and slowly it became part of my prep. Sounds weird at first, but it is truly something very powerful. Just being able to visualise yourself there… All the noise, bright lights, girls walking and posing in their heels, the smell of tan, the sound of the MC & music in the background, you standing in the line 3 girls away from hitting the stage…. Eeeeeekkkkkkk! As soon as I start to visualise being there, my palms actually start to get sweaty, heart is elevated and I’m so nervous! What visualisation does for me is allows me to feel those feelings of being nervous and anxious, and teaches me how to stay in control, and keep myself calm. When you are in control and not freaking out you can more easily focus on what you actually need to do out there and enjoy the moment. If you are competing soon give this a go! I absolutely love this technique!

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