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The 10 affirmations

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

There is something so very powerful in believing unconditionally in all you want to be and become. I know many times in my life I’ve been doubtful just like so many people and it’s taken a lot for me to really start believing. Fear is always the root of doubt and negative thoughts, but there comes a time in life where we need to free ourselves and change the way we think. There is no more wishing of everything, it’s about believing those things have already been achieved and attained in life. As much as the word ‘I ‘am’ comes across selfish, there is nothing wrong feeding our thoughts with positive ‘I ‘am’ affirmations.   When we are truly happy from the inside, it radiates out and is infectious to so many others around us. These are 10 affirmations I try to use every day and I really wanted to share them you all….

1) I am successful in everything I do
2) My life is filled with abundance
3) Every cell in my body vibrates with positive energy
4) I am worthy of love
5) I easily manifest my dreams
6) I am calm and relaxed in every situation
7) Opportunity flows freely and abundantly into my life
8) My potential is limitless
9) My heart is a magnet that attracts more of everything I desire
10) I radiate love and happiness every single day

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