Mirrors at the gym aren’t just for selfies…

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Mirrors at the gym aren’t just there for checking yourself out or taking selfies. As much as it seems to be the norm to use them for these reason lately (lots of us are guilty!) they’re actually there for a very good purpose no matter what fitness level you are.

Training with correct form is first and foremost in my books. If you’re not doing it right then you simply won’t get what you need from any training session and maximise your time in the gym. Get in front of a mirror and start to actually take notice of how you train. It’s not at all vain or embarrassing! Ask yourself; are you working both sides of your body correctly and the same? Are your traps engaged when they shouldn’t be? Is one side of the body taking the load more so than the other? Is your pelvis tucking under when your squatting? Are you allowing your knee to come past your feet when lunging? There are so many things to look for and it’s important you understand your own strengths and weaknesses.

Mirrors will help you to correct your form & postural issues providing you know what to look for. This is where a PT comes in handy so you can identify these issues and understand what you’re looking for. People are going to check themselves out no matter what, but understand the real purpose of having mirrors at the gym and use them to your advantage!

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